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July 18, 2014
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October 12, 2014
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All the water that leaves your local water supplier has to be disinfected to kill off any harmful bacteria that might be in it. There a various stages of water treatment that will remove some of the micro-organisms that live in the raw water. Holloway Plumbers understand how these systems work. Some chemical disinfection, however is still needed to make sure that the water is free from all bacteria and viruses for all consumers on the network. This is done by chlorination of the water which is added as final part of the treatment before the water is piped out. The levels of chlorine in the supplied water are constantly monitored. The water to domestic properties is pumped through a large system of underground pipework. As stated, the water must be ‘Potable’. The term is from the Latin word for drinkable which is ‘Potabilis’. The Main Trunk is the primary pipework for the water mains supply. A Holloway Plumber has all the knowledge and skill to work on all water systems. The mains supply is down at a depth to make sure that nothing affects it, like traffic or very cold weather. These pipe systems are made from modern plastic. An isolating valve connects the various services so that they can be isolated individually. The water supply to a new house can be made without affecting any other buildings or homes. This water pipe is then routed underground from the isolating valve to the property’s boundary, to an outside stop valve. The Service Pipework can be accessed for valve service and maintenance from a chamber. This chamber should be clearly marked. From the stop valve the supply runs towards the house and is called the service pipe, for which the homeowner has the reponsibility. This pipework runs under the house and in through a water meter either fitted outside or inside. This pipe must be insulated at all exposed points.

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