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August 18, 2014
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November 19, 2014
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Plumbing a bathroom is a very difficult task and it is best to leave it to the professionals like Plumbers Holloway who will complete the work to building standards for a reasonable price. DIY plumbing is very dangerous because if you do it incorrectly it can cost you more money to resolve the problem than if you had consulted with a plumber beforehand.
The drain, waste and vent system (DWV) will be the focus to ensure your basement bathroom is completed successfully. The first step to plumbing a basement bathroom is to find the main drain line by breaking through the ground to verify its location. You also need to verify that it is deep enough to allow a downhill slope for new drain lines so sewage can flow smoothly. The next step after locating your line is to plan the basement bathroom. Decisions will have to be made in regards to what bathroom fixtures you want so you can plan how the drain, waste and vent system will work around the fixtures. Furthermore, trench the floor so you have an adequate working area.
Subsequently, to begin the drain system the first step is to make sure you one runs the water in your house while the line is open. Firstly, you will have to break out a section of the drain by cutting into the main line and then splice in a Y-fitting. In addition, you will have to slide rubber couplers over the joints and tighten the bands before plugging the inlet. Once a section of a pipe is complete, you will need to surround the pipe with dirt so it will not shift. Another tip for the draining system is to backfill the trenches carefully so the soil is tight but make sure you don’t move any pipes in the process. The vent system will need to be built but it is much easier than the drain system. In most basements you can connect your new vent system in with the line of your laundry sink by gluing small sections of plastic pipe into a Y-fitting and then make connections between pipes by using rubber couplers.
Plumbing a basement bathroom is done by thousands of people without any plumbing experience every year. However, plenty make costly mistakes which cost them more than if they had initially contacted Plumbers Holloway. Plumbers Holloway are a reliable and highly recommended plumbing business who have an experienced team who are capable of rapidly resolve any plumbing problems you may have.

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