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May 12, 2016
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June 9, 2016
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The worst thing happens on wash day. You may get your laundry all sorted out and then start loading the washer only to realize that nothing is happening. The first thing that you wonder is what really is wrong with the machine. It is important that all washing machine owners know exactly how to diagnose the problems that can face the washing machine. This isn’t rocket science but a simple thing that anyone can be able to handle. Problems with a washing machine include water leaks, failed pumps or not turning on. Washing machine repairs Holloway should only be carried out after a full diagnosis has been done. Things to check
If there is a leak, you need to identify exactly where it is coming from. The leak could be from a discharge hose at the standpipe. You should check for any water stains running down your wall. You should also check what happens when the machine is turned to drain. The drainage hose has to be adjusted if there is suspicion of flow obstruction or a drain that has been stopped up.
A loose or bad hose connection can also result in a leak. You should pull out the machine and then turn it on to allow the water to flow into the tub. Check for hose cuts at the back and at all the connections while the tub fills. All cycles need to be checked.
You also need to check the back and the bottom of your washing machine as it continues the cycles. Remove the panel at the bottom. There could be some leaks beneath the washtub. The gasket needs to be checked too.
If you are able to identify any issues during the diagnosis, washing machine repairs Holloway should be carried out by qualified technicians immediately.

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