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January 2, 2015
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March 3, 2015
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There are a lot of plumbers working all over London. But we at Plumber Holloway focus on getting the job done in least possible time and money. We aim to provide quality services to our customers and ensure they get what they have been expecting. We also make sure all our services are based on the budget our customers have given to us.
Aiming for quality work, we provide the following services:
Unclogging the drains: clogging or drains is the result of human error. However, it is among the most common household existing issues. Therefore, we provide unclogging of drains of the kitchen and bathrooms. We use household items as well as proper cleaning of the drain to unclog the drains.
Fixing pipe leaks: the cold of London enables the bolts and nuts to freeze and the pipes start leaking. We ensure all your pipe leaks will be fixed within a matter of hours. You will enjoy living your routine life without water dripping on your head.
Installation of appliances and running their maintenance: we install all kinds of appliances such as dishwashers, heating systems, geysers, boilers etc. and run their maintenance as well. The job does not finish after installation; the appliances need to be taken care of. We also help up with that.
Damage repairs and replacements: if you have certain damages in the structure of your house or in your appliances, you can call us for the job. We also provide replacement of worn out pipes, burst pipes and other appliances. We also replace an entire appliance such as a boiler.
Your life will be easier with our services and you will be able to enjoy living a healthier and safer life. Call us right now if you have found some new damages or appliances to replace.

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