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April 20, 2014
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Like everything else fitted in the home, the humble toilet does take some punishment, that being constant use of the flush for example. If you have a problem with the flush on your toilet, then you first need to check the inside of the cylinder for anything that may not look just right or out of place. Visually inspect the lever and handle and confirm that none of the linkage has failed or is broken. After you have confirmed that all is well, then the problem will probably lie with the valve in the cistern itself. The washer on the valve is prone to failure, and luckily it is not difficult to remedy. This washer is called a diaphragm washer and to remove this, firstly isolate the water feed to the cylinder and then remove all the water so the cylinder is empty, which will allow you to work.

Top Tip: You can use sponges and towels or cloths to wipe the cylinder out.

Holloway Plumbers can replace diaphragm washers. On cylinders that have a flush pipe you will need to unwind and a large nut securing it to the siphon. Then, unscrew the big nut securing the siphon to the cylinder. Now you can lift the siphon from the cylinder body. Unhook the linkage to the lever arm, if the arm of the float operated valve gets in the way, you may need to remove this also. With the siphon out, you can now see beneath the base and the location of the old diaphragm washer. Take off the hook attached to the top of the shaft that pulls on the diaphragm, the diaphragm housing will drop from the bottom of the siphon so you can remove the washer.
The replacement washer can now be fitted, they are readily available from reputable merchants. A Holloway Plumber can fit diaphragm washers. Once the new washer is fitted, re-connect and fit all the components in reverse order. Check all components for damage. Switch the water back on, allow the cylinder to fill, flush and test for action and leaks.

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