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The item below will explain why earth bonding is used in the world of plumbing and why it is so important to get it right.

So, what is earth bonding?

The next time you look at your gas meter, your incoming water supply pipework or even a pipe in your bathroom you should see a green and yellow wire connected to the pipework. This is called an earth bonding cable (equipotential). In order to guarantee complete safety, earth bonding cables are fixed to all pipework in the home to guard against electric shock should theses pipes become live and come into contact with human touch. A Holloway Plumber is trained to deal electric shock.

Electric shock will throw the human body into spasm as it interferes with the body’s nervous system and can result in death.

When a water, gas or pipework that carries fluids comes into and also passes out from a property, there is a potential for stray electrical currents, resulting from faults on fitted electrical equipment. If you were to touch a pipe which is affected by an electrical fault, you will receive a shock or maybe worse. These currents need to be sent safely to earth. This is done through a specifically designed electrical route, via a bonding wire of 10mm which is attached to the pipework at the point of entry/exit of the building. (Holloway Plumbers can advise on this). This is connected to the main earth terminal in the consumer unit. In addition to these bonding wires, there needs to be additional wires linking together all the metalwork within wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen etc. This will ensure that everything within the zone is at the same electrical potential. Current will only flow when a difference in potential exists.

They are connected to water service pipework on entry to the house and also on pipework in rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom.

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